Cyber Security

Society in countries with advanced level of development is experiencing a progressive pervasivity of cyber control over any type of activities. Smart grids, Domotics, Smart Cities, Smart Districts, Smart Roads, Smart Building, IoT, etc are different facets of a wide emergent phenomenon that one may synthetically name "the Advent of Smart Society".

The strong employment of cyber and information technologies is leading the society toward a more efficient and effective use of resources and infrastructures. However these benefits have been accompanied by an increase in the general vulnerability of the system.

In this context, the cyber security (and information security in general) is going to play an increasingly important role, both to defend our assets from deliberate malevolent attacks and to protect them against undesired casual events or contingencies. Any intelligent system (and the whole society as a "System of Systems") needs to be endowed with very effective information and cyber security systems to provide appropriate protection and defense.

During last decade the number of cyber faults and attacks suffered by critical infrastructures have been continuously increasing, thus demonstrating the centrality of the issue. Contributions along this direction are strongly recommended both at purely academic level and applied one.

“CRITIS - The International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security - 2017. IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca Campus - Lucca - Italy”