Poster Session

Posters will be exposed in the San Francesco Complex Cloister at IMT during the whole Monday Oct the 9-th 2017

The audience will have the opportunity to discuss with poster presenters during Monday Evening from 19:00 to 21:00 .

A light dinner will be offered by the CRITIS conference, during the poster session.

Registered critis participants will have the opportunity to vote their favourite poster. The three most voted ones will be considered for the CRITS Best POSTER Award .

A suitable committee will select the winner who will receive an Official Award from Critis and a Tablet or equivalent Device offered by NetoNets association.

A submitted papers will appear in the conference pre-proceedings. Instructions will be delivered to authors by e-mail.

A 5 minutes oral presentation of the work (two/three slides maximum) will advertize the poster to the audience in an afternoon session on Monday Oct the 9-th 2017.

Each poster presenter will be assigned a wooden board of A0 size (84,1 cm x118,9 cm i.e. 33.1in x 46.8 in) in Portrait orientation and a reference number .

Presented Posters in Submission order

  • 1 Martin Ring, Reiner Kriesten and Frank Kargl "Automotive Security Testing Methodology"
  • 9 Yacine Atif, Jianguo Ding, Birgitta Lindström, Manfred Jeusfeld, Sten F Andler, Yuning Jiang, Christoffer Brax and Per Gustavsson "Cyber-Threat Intelligence Architecture for Smart-Grid Critical Infrastructures Protection"
  • 10 Gianpiero Costantino, Fabio Martinelli and Ilaria Matteucci "Reputation Systems to Mitigate DoS Attack in Vehicular Network"
  • 13 Laurens Lemaire, Jan Vossaert, Bart De Decker and Vincent Naessens "Security Evaluation of Cyber-Physical Systems using Automatically Generated Attack Trees"
  • 15 Matteo Langone, Roberto Setola and Javier Lopez "Cybersecurity of wearable devices: an experimental analysis and a vulnerability assessment method"
  • 16 Herman Errico and Federica Mariniello "Offensive tool determination strategy. R.I.D.D.L.E. + (C). "
  • 18 Andrew Fielder, Tingting Li and Chris Hankin "Quantitative Analysis on User-Centric Attack Models Against Cloud-based Industrial Control Systems"
  • 23 Alberto Berretti and Simone Ciccarone "A Monte Carlo method for the spread of mobile malware"
  • 31 Giovanni Sansavini, Antonio Scala and Niklas Polk "Laplacian Matrix Eigenvector Distributed Loads in DC Power Networks"
  • 33 Pier Giorgio De Sanctis Lucentini, Walter Quattrociocchi and Antonio Scala "Self-healing percolation"
  • 34 Umberto Perna, Angelo Facchini and Antonio Scala "Allocation of Renewable Generation from an Energy Portfolio"
  • 35 Saray Shai and Antonio Scala "Cascade of failures in dependency networks"
  • 38 Alberto Tofani, Gianluca Rizzo and Gregorio D'Agostino "Obserbot: an Automatic Tool to create a Repository for Critical Infrastructures Contingencies"
  • 45 Stefan Schauer, Christos Douligeris and Haralambos Mouratidis "MITIGATE: A Dynamic Maritime Supply Chain Cyber Risk Assessment Methodology"
  • 47 Dominique Wassermann, Andrea Antenucci and Giovanni Sansavini "Managing gas and electric power network dependencies to secure energy supply: application to the UK system"
  • 53 Ammara Gul and Stephen D. Wolthusen "Recovery of State Estimate under Single Topology Faults"
  • 54 Stefano Sebastio , Antonio Scala and Gregorio D'Agostino "The Cloud's Impact on Interdependent Critical Information Infrastructures"
  • 56 Paul Berthier, Corentin Bresteau and José M. Fernandez "On the Security of Aircraft Communication Networks"
  • 57 Barbara Krumay and Sebastian Margiol "Factors Influencing Cybersecurity Adoption"
  • 60 Roberto Setola, Stefano Panzieri and Gabriele Oliva "Representing Recovery Dynamics in Complex Scenarios with CISIA"
“CRITIS - The International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security - 2017. IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca Campus - Lucca - Italy”