CRITIS 2017 Presentations

Beside the proceeding publication, presenters were asked to provide their presentations. Those received follow:

Keynotes Presentations

Oral Presentations

“Young Critis Finalists' Presentations”

Project Dissemination Presentations

  • ESReDA "European Safety, Reliability & Data Association"   
        Presenter Luís Andrade Ferreira, University of Porto

  • EU-CIRCLE "A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure
        resilience to climate change"
        Presenter Dr Athanasios Sfetsos, Thanasis Demokritos

  • HyRiM      “Hybrid Risk Management for Utiliti Providers”
        Presenter Stefan Schauer - AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

  • MITIGATE “Protecting Maritime Supply Chain IT Infrastructure”
        Presenter TBD

  • RESOLUTE “Operationalization appLied to Urban Transport Environment”
        Presenter Emanuele Bellini Univ. Firenze

  • RESIN “Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures”
        Presenter Erich Rome Fraunhofer

  • RoMA “Resilience enhancement of a Metropolitan Area”
        Presenter Alberto Tofani ENEA

  •   SEGRID “Secures the Smartgrid of Tomorrow”
        Presenter Frank Fransen TNO

  •   IMPROVER “Improved risk evaluation and implementation of resilience concepts to
        Critical Infrastructure”
        Presenter TBD

  •   ERNCIP“European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection”
        Presenter Marianthi Theocharidou, European Commission, Joint Research Centre

  •   SecureWater “Improved SECure and REsilient cyber physical systems for scada in
        WATER systems enhanced by comprehensive analysis capabilities” - Luigi Martino, Scuola Superiore Sant. Anna
    & HANSEL“Health     AutomatioN SystEms Laboratory Health AutomatioN SystEms Laboratory”
        Presenter Gabriele Oliva, NITEL & University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome

  •   ATENA “Advanced tool to assess and mitigate the criticality of ICT components and
        their dependencies over Critical Infrastructures”
        Presenter Stefano Panzieri, Dip di Ingegneria, Università degli Studi ROMA TRE

  •     ZONeSEC  “Towards an EU framework for the security of Widezones“
    Presenter Dimitris Petrantonakis, EXODUS S.A

  • SMR “Smart Mature Resilience for more resilient cities in Europe”
        Presenter Raquel Gimenez, TECNUN, University of Navarra

“CRITIS - The International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security - 2017. IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca Campus - Lucca - Italy”